Asset Finance

We offer a wide range of vehicle financing facilities, which are tailor made to suit each client’s requirement. With our expertise in vehicle financing, for a minimum of 30% client contribution, we finance up to K1,000,000 for a maximum period of 36 months.

As a one-stop-shop, we provide all other services including vehicle registration, valuation and insurance.

Requirements for personal application ;

– Income Documentation
– Introductory Letter
– NRC or Passport

Requirements for corporate application ;
– Company Documentation
– Financial Statements
– Directors IDs

We have so far partnered with the following dealers;

Phil Auto, Cress Motors, Kufanga Motors, Jan Japan, Shah Motors, Car Hub Auto Limited, Highline Motors Limited, Toyota Zambia (Auto Mark), Hazida Motors Limited, Fs Resources International Ltd, Carsell Auto Limited, Dansil Auto Limited, EMC Blue Seal Global Limited T/A Chicago’s Uk, Elite Motors, Prime Drive, Sarago Motors, Panjab Motors Etc.

Additionally, we offer Agro equipment Financing and vehicle financing schemes with Saro Agro Industrial Limited and Golden Baobab Investment Limited.

For more information email us on [email protected]