Ng’ombe School Facelift

LOLCFZ Management this past Friday, handed over the newly rehabilitated AISHA COMMUNITY SCHOOl situated in Ng’ombe township to its headteacher. In bid to assist the School , LOLCFZ has given the school a facelift by rehabilitating three classrooms ,main hall and administration office respectively. Further more, the pupils where provided with education materials which included textbooks and general school supplies at a cost of over K200,000. The support being rendered by LOLCFZ is part of a three phase project that is intended to uplift the school. This year, we plan to go for the second phase where we will provide desks and roof. LOLCFZ initiated this relationship with AISHA in 2022 and we have been instrumental in our development as far as providing Christmas lunches ,presents and school supplies in the last two years.