Fixed Deposits

LOLC Fixed Deposit Account is an investment account which allows businesses and individuals to invest funds for a fixed period and earn interest. Set your investment period, make a single deposit, and see your money grow at a fixed rate without attracting any bank any charges.

In light of the foregoing, we have presented in the table below, our proposed rates on an investment amount of K1,000, 000 and above.

Period (days) 

Rate (%) p.a









Rates are subject to change and are negotiable

We also offer 365 days fixed deposit in US$ Dollars with interest payable at maturity. Rates on request with a minimum deposit of US$ 50,000.

The products give an assured returns (interest), which can be paid on a monthly, upfront, quarterly and on maturity basis, depending on the investor’s preference mode of investment.

To give extra comfort to new and existing clients, LOLC Finance Zambia insure all fixed deposit with a reputable Insurance company.