Home loans are mortgage advances to enable individuals acquire, build, renovate, extend, or improve dwelling units or for purposes of equity release.

Home loans are targeted at salaried individuals both in permanent and contractual employment. The maximum repayment period is up to 15 years for permanent employees and within contract duration for contractual employees.

The maximum loan amount accessible is determined on the basis of repayment capacity. Other sources of income apart from the main salary are also considered. Joint applications with a spouse in employment, are also acceptable. In such cases a higher loan amount can be considered.

Total loan deductions including installment on Home Loans and statutory deductions should not exceed 60% of gross salary.

BENEFITS: This product allows applicant to access the following

1. Home Construction Loan
2. Outright Purchase of a completed housing unit
3. Home Improvements
4. Renovations
5. Purchase of Plots
6. And Equity Release